Here are four photos of our new dog.  She is a spayed female,  about 14 pounds,  estimated by shelter & vet as 2-4 years old,  seems to be a mix - but mainly Norfolk Terrier?   Her name is Zoe, which means “life” in Greek.     {* plus two more at end}

I.O.U. – Some of these photos are not high quality, so later I'll take others to be replacements and/or supplements, plus videos.

        What is Zoe?  In mid-November we got her from a shelter.  She arrived there as a "stray" (not a "surrender by owner"), and her history is a mystery.  Ten days later, on Thanksgiving Day, Mom & I watched the National Dog Show, and the Norfolk Terrier (video of 10 traits) looked a lot like Zoe, so that's what I expected when I got a DNA Test from Embark. (usually reviewed as "the best")   Unexpectedly, they describe her as a Yorkie-Pom:  50% Pomeranian, 47% Terrier (36% Yorkshire, 11% closely-related Biewer), and 3% Maltese.
        But I have questions about this result, especially her weight – all of these breeds are 7 pounds maximum, and Embark predicts (based on her genes) an adult weight of 9 pounds, not 14 pounds, so... ??   Also, she has dropped ears, but a Yorkie & Pom have pricked ears.   So there are mysteries — initially I wondered if her saliva sample got "switched with another dog" — about the connection between her genes and her characteristics.


Here are two more photos: