Rennebohm Park is close to my new home in The Carolina Apartments (this map shows both) and it has a variety of interesting features (info about that you can see in photos taken October 10.    /    There are pages with more information that includes ice skating and (in Sep 2022) tennis court reconstruction.

The corner of tennis courts on west side, and a long-range view of the shelter,   where in most summers (including 2021) there are weekly music concerts,
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the shelter,   and play area,
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community garden – in a long-range view   and closer-up view (plus Carolina Apartments),
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community garden, bordering east end of tennis courts and Southern Building of The Carolina Apartments (that has three buildings),   geographical context — As you can see on the screenshot below (and on this map) my apartment is at "O" (below red balloon) on the south side of the Northeast Building in Carolina Apts, where in mid-November I can see the green courtyards of two buildings, looking between the branches of my tree without leaves.     {of course, instead of the “.3 mile path” I just walk south .1 mile}
jrgjiogpr   Rennebohm Park
the large field   ends with trees,
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and the path continues onward   through eastern end of the park.
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(maybe next year, although not in
the recent winters, 20-21 or 21-22)
Tennis Court Reconstruction
(Sep 2022 to Spring 2023)
Overview plus Proposal & FAQ