Juggling Video by Craig Rusbult  (made in 2009, just for fun)

Another option is Do It Yourself Juggling if you think
it might be more fun for you to DO IT than to just watch !
(+ why learning to juggle took me 12 years & 45 minutes)

My juggling video (3:02) has three sections:  juggling with 3-4-5 balls (0:52) while dancing & monkey-juggling (1:10), then with clubs & more dancing (1:00) including a 2-second “time warp” mysteriously inserted by the software, iMovie '08.
      also:  cute videos of our fluffy-and-happy doggy (plus this juggling video) are in my youtube channel.

A True Confession – Yes, I'm a “better juggler” when I can edit out the drops.    :<)

Slowing Down – The video includes two jumps onto a 30" table at 60 years old, allowed by slowing down my rate of slowdown (while growing old), so I'll have a younger Satchel Paige Age.


photos from the video plus two cartoons (ski & juggle) by Frank Clark

Here is music for the 3 sections,
and links to Amazon for the mp3 files.
    On Green Dolphin Street by The Tony Rice Unit,
    Dig featuring Miles Davis & Sonny Rollins,
    Djangology by Stephane Grappelli.
I like this music, have bought all 3 files.

Many other jugglers — including some you can see at the Madfest Juggling Festival in January or IJA Festival in July — are more skilled and they do tricks that are more amazing, so if you like what you see in this video, you may want to watch the videos of other jugglers (check youtube and Flying Karamazov Brothers)* or attend their stage shows or street performances.    {* who were a small part of how I learned to juggle in 12 years and 45 minutes during life on a road less traveled }

There also are three files of my longer original video (3:54) that was condensed to 3:02 mainly by shortening the middle section from 1:43 to 1:10.  (original section-times were 0:52 - 1:43 - 1:19, later condensed to 0:52 - 1:10 - 1:00)
Higher-Quality Video — 3:54, 19 MB, 696 kb/s (600 video + 96 audio), size 640x480, 30 frames/s
  (similar to the "juggling video" above, which is 16 MB, 730 kb/s (600 + 128), 640x480, 30 frames/s)
Lower-Quality Video — 3:54, 8 MB, 299 kb/s (235 + 64), size 320x240, 15 frames/s

• Short Video (with editing) – 3:02, 16 MB, 732 kb/s (600 + 96), 640x480, 30 frames/s

Craig Rusbult