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Interesting Two-Page Combinations

I.O.U. - Soon (maybe in April 2021) I'll revise this page — which was made in 2014, before many later changes in the website — to update it and make it more useful for you.


an option:  This page supplements the Home Page and Executive Summary (and Sitemap) by offering a different way to explore the website, by showing page-combinations that I think might be interesting for you.

Two-Page Combinations:  This website puts a page into the left-side & right-side iframes,* which is useful because "you can see both pages at the same time, so you can more easily combine (in your thinking) what both are saying about related topics that are similar or complementary."  Also, if a page is on its proper side (left or right, as stated in top-right corner of page) it will remain open when you click its links, so you can easily return to “where you were” before clicking the link.  And using the back-button lets you return to where you were earlier.

* If any page is full-width in a window by itself, click the link for "into left frame" (or "into right frame") that's in the top-right corner of each page.  {In this page most links replace BOTH pages, so its top-right corner just says "into frames".}


btw - You can make links that load two pages (chosen by you) into the left-side and right-side iFrames.


page in LEFT FRAME


Combining Useful Ideas - Old and New

WHY should we use Design Process?

Experience + Reflection + Principles

HOW - Using Inquiry to Learn Inquiry

Verbal/Visual Representations of DP

WHAT - Overview of Design Process

Cycles of Design and Science

Creative-and-Critical Cycles of Design

Stereotypes - is DP rigid? uniform?

Flexibly Improvised Sequences

An Overview of Science Process
to design Experiments & Theories

Science is a special type of Design
( another type is General Design )

Goals for Education (from homepage)

Using design for everything we do?

Personal Education & Self-Perception

Building Bridges from School into Life

Appropriate Humility and Respect

Transfers of Design-Skills into Life

Strategies for Thinking - WHY & HOW

Strategies for Thinking - WHAT

Learning More from Experience

Designing Strategies for Thinking

Creative-and-Critical Thinking + Ideas

Creativity guided by Critical Thinking

Developing a Creative Community

Empathy in Educational Teamwork

Empathy in Projects & Relationships

Teachers: Empathetic Metacognition?

Tennis and Other Games + Ecologies

Learning + Performing + Enjoying

Exams?  Effects on Skills-Education

Education for Ideas-and-Skills

NGSS Practices & Design Education

Comparing NGSS and Design Process

Collaborative Design of Instruction

Science - Predict/Observe, Explain

A Variety of Options for Instruction

Maintain Flow-and-Fun + Satisfaction

Other Strategies to Teach Inquiry
(with model, semi-model, no model)

A Family of Models for Design Process
( and "10 modes" in a semi-model )

Home-Page for Website

Executive Summary of Website