I.O.U. – In mid-to-late February I'll continue developing this page, to provide more photos and information.
Green Chair  (it's goldish-green, is comfy, rocks, has extendable leg rest, was not used often)  (this was Dad's Chair, in Living Room).
green chair green chair with leg rest
Gold Chair  (it's goldish-tan, is comfy, rocks, has leg rest, was used often)  (this was Mom's Chair in TV Room;  her Maroon-Red Chair, in Living Room, is gone).
Bed with Flowered Head-Board  (in Bedroom of Mom & Dad)
This full-bed photo shows the bedboard and bed, plus two pillows (there were a pair of each, now I can find only one of each, so they're much less valuable – update: I found the other big pillow! and the pair is more valuable than either by itself) and a flowered comforter that when unfolded (it's folded twice here) is bigger than the bed, is roughly 94"x84" (main part) plus the “ruffled skirt” on 3 sides;  of course, it should be laundered before using.   If you want the headboard, do you want the (fairly clean, basically in good shape) box springs?   (the top mattress has been discarded)    /    The “ruffled skirt” goes all the way around (as shown in left-side photo) but here it's tucked in so you can see the box springs;  it's a “sheet” that's separate from (not attached to) the box springs & mattress, so it would still be there if box springs are discarded.
another question:  This photo shows the structure-board (behind headboard, shown in side-view at right side) bolted to the metal lower frame, so... if you want the headboard, I assume you'll also want the metal frame, right? Below is a side-view of the headboard (about 35" high x 63" wide) attached to a structure-board in back (.75" thick) that is attached to two legs (left & right sides, 14.5" high, 6" wide, 1.25" deep), each bolted to the metal frame.
metal bottom frame structure board
Below you see the padded top-and-sides that's about 2.5" thick;  the big "smooth area" also is padded, about 1.5" thick.  And you can see (above and below) the soiled areas, on left & right sides, where the hair of Mom & Dad leaned against the headboard;  hopefully these can be cleaned up with some soap, etc. What is this?  (it might be related to bed-board, is 80" x 12.5" x 3.5")
Redwood Table and Bench   (my father made these;  there were two benches, now there is one) 
redwood table empty spacer redwood table
Electronic Keyboard – Yamaha PSS-790    
yamaha keyboard    
Book Case  (made by Dad with high-quality wood, is very sturdy;  several shelves have adjustable heights)
office chair   office chair
Office Desk  (main body is particle board, lower-right drawers are wood)  (lower-left pullout section is for storage)
office chair   office chair
Office Chairs    
chairs on left & right (same model) swivel and rock,   arm-rests had removable covers (check left side) so arms look almost new.
black office chair   office chair
this chair (well used, surface rubbed off) swivels, rocks, rolls.   this one also swivels, rocks and rolls.
office chair #3   office chair #4
Lawn Chair  
Patio Swing  (about 5 feet wide) – This is on curb "for the taking" so it might be gone soon, or maybe into a dumpster on Feb 3. (someone took it away, Feb 2)   Dog Crate – for home or travel.  (at each end, the door can be shut or opened, inward (as shown) or outward, doors are 28" wide and 30" high, crate is 42" long.
patio swing   dog crate
TRAILER  (I want to sell this, not give away) – soon there will be photos of its interior.
I.O.U. in mid-to-late February, I'll continue putting more photos into this page.
Rocking Chairs —  these might be available LATER, but probably not because two people already have said "I want them."   Table Chairs — these might be available LATER.
hh   hh
Desk Chairs — these might be available LATER.