My youtube channel (it's @DTprocessEducation for Problem Solving) has videos of me (juggling 3-4-5 balls, with dancing & jumping, and clubs)* plus our dog* (being joyfully cute in our old home and their new home).

* Do-It-Yourself Juggling describes my experiences of teaching, and why my learning required 12 years & 45 minutes, including a chance meeting with a Flying Karamazov Brother.  Two other personal times-to-learn were 5 seconds for swimming and one day for skiing with morning failure followed by afternoon success.  Also, why did our dog dance with joy twice each day?

* Zoe is "our dog" because she always will be my dog (in memories & feelings) and now she is their dog (in everyday experiences for her and them).  Mom and I were her people, and now she has new people!


The channel (it's DTprocessDesignThinking Process) also links to my playlists in YouTube Music.  My two favorites are...  Musical Mellow with vocals;   and Instrumentals with the first part all by Gershwin (a musical genius) followed by multiple composers, with 39-song variety from "On Green Dolphin Street" thru Ellington (and others) to "Surf Medley" and then Gershwin's "Cuban Overture" (one of my favorites) to end the playlist.   Of course, these are only a few of the many songs I've discovered and have enjoyed, among the much larger number of wonderful songs that musical artists have creatively composed and performed.     { I'm grateful that we can enjoy their music, in addition to the option of also making our own music. }