My youtube channel has videos of me (juggling 3-4-5 balls, with dancing & jumping, and clubs) plus our dog* (being joyfully cute in my old home & their new home).

* Zoe is "our dog" because she always will be my dog (in memories & feelings), and now she is their dog.  Mom and I were her people, and now she has new people!


The channel also links to my playlists in YouTube Music.  Currently my two favorites are...  Musical Mellow with vocals;   and Instrumentals with the first part all by Gershwin (a musical genius) followed by multiple composers;  I like the 29-song variety by other composers, from "On Green Dolphin Street" thru a "Surf Medley" and then Gershwin's "Cuban Overture" (one of my favorites) to end the playlist.   Of course, these are only a few of the many songs I've discovered and have enjoyed, among the much larger number of wonderful songs that musical artists have creatively composed.     { I'm grateful that we can enjoy their music, in addition to the option of also making our own music. }