The main goal of

is – as expected from its name –

trying to help improve our
Education for Problem Solving
where a problem is an opportunity to make things better,
and problem solving happens when you do make it better.

How?  Through a process of working with other educators,
using ideas developed by them and by me (Craig Rusbult)
during my life on a road less traveled.

        More generally, I've written a wide variety of web-pages:
        Building Educational Bridges between School and Life
          (to improve student confidence, motivations, transfers)
        is part of my website about Education for Problem Solving ,
        plus Accurate Understanding and Respectful Attitudes and
        stories (welding, Cliffs Notes, joy of science) , my portfolio ,
        and why so many people respected & loved my sister, Caryl .

        Using Prayer for Problem Solving (for “doing it better” in life)
            as described in some of my favorite verses from The Bible.
        What will happen in Hell?  (eternal misery, death, or healing?)

        Musical Improvisation & Theory & Power Tools for Physics 
        & how I didn't learn to ski (and then did, by using an insight) ,
        teaching labs & ESL & Ballroom Dancing (transfer) & Juggling
        plus a Juggling Video-and-Photos   (Arts & Sports)   my CV
        a younger Satchel Paige Age (slowing the rate of slowdown)
        and my sports (tennis, football,...) and Anteater Olympiad ,
        making bamboo flutes + Sciences of Art & Sport , and more,
        including pics of our new dog Zoe (= life), a Norfolk Terrier?