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Confidence and Humility
(about my Personal Knowledge)


Another page explains why my claims about the potential benefits of using Design Process are made with confident humility.

This page explains how I view my personal knowledge about topics in this website, with confidence (sometimes) and humility (other times).


Confidence about Design Process

In the homepage my brief summary of the website begins: "For my PhD project [in Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Wisconsin in Madison] I developed an educationally useful model of Science Process ... and later generalized it into a broader Design Process."  For these topics — plus the relationships between design & science that can , and ways to use creative-and-critical thinking skills for problem solving and to help students improve these skills — which includes everything on the left side of the sitemap (and one on the right side), I feel confident about the high level of my knowledge, and having something new-and-valuable to contribute.


Humility about Education Topics

By contrast, this website describes ideas in areas of education — including Motivation & the Self-System and Metacognition & Optimal Performance and the practical aspects of designing Curriculum & Instruction and applying Effective Teaching Strategies and more — where I have reasons to be justifiably humble, because others know much more than I do.  In these areas, other scholars and practitioners (teachers, counselors,...) are the experts.

Confidence about Collaborations:  But even in these areas, I have a practical functional knowledge that lets me know enough to:  provide accurate descriptions for you in this website;  recognize how combining these ideas with Design Process will produce new possibilities for education that can help students improve their ideas-and-skills knowledge;  work with others, combining my expertise with theirs, in cooperative collaborations to develop these possibilities.