Ph.D. Dissertation
of Craig Rusbult

By clicking the links below, you can read (or save to disk)
a copy of the files for my Ph.D. dissertation, submitted to
the University of Wisconsin-Madison on March 14, 1997.

The topics are summarized in a Table of Contents that might be
a world record for the longest T-of-C for a dissertation.    :<)

So the files (RTF and PDF) will be reasonably sized,
the dissertation has been split into five parts:
ch12.rtf and ch12.PDF  (the abstract plus Chapters 1 and 2)
ch34.rtf and ch34.PDF  (Chapters 3 and 4)
tables.rtf and tables.PDF  (tables for Chapter 3 and Appendix)
refs.rtf and refs.PDF  (title page, table of contents, references)
 appendix.rtf and appendix.PDF (a long dissertation-Appendix),

and here you'll find links to a short summary and detailed summary.

The entire dissertation is Copyright 1997 by Craig Rusbult, all rights reserved.

The earlier version of ISM (in the dissertation files above) is slightly different, verbally and visually, from
the revised/condensed version (in the ASA website, especially on the SCIENCE-page and DETAILS-page).

In the post-dissertation revision, some terms have changed, and so has the ISM-diagram.
To see the ISM-diagram described in my dissertation, check ISMFOR DISSERTATION.
And the ideas have been developed more widely in Science& Design in Education.

All of these files were originally written in MicrosoftWord 5.1 for Macintosh.
They have been converted into Rich Text Format (RTF) using MS-Word 6 forMac.
When opened in any MS-Word program (I've tried 5.1, 6, 2004 on Mac, 6 withWindows 95),
almost everything turns out fine, although on a PC a few "symbol" fontsare misinterpreted,
and in "page view" a few pages (with tables and also 2 columns)have a strange layout.
With WordPerfect 6 on a PC, most things are OK, but some tables are reformatted.