Below are some web-pages about me, Craig Rusbult.
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Basic information (a good place to start) is in my bio-pages:  SHORT (basically it's a brief history of my life, plus links) and LONGER.

The most informative and accurate PROFILE was made, by choosing "multiple choices" and writing essays, for Christian Cafe.

Similar, but much less thorough, is the introductory page where I answer questions posed by eHarmony.

eHarmony also made a Personality Profile (in 5 parts) based on my answers in their multiple-choice survey, and I've added comments about each part of their profile.   ( By looking at other profiles, I've discovered that for each of the 5 parts they split people into several broad categories, and write the same mostly-flattering things about all people in each category. )

And they ask us to choose 10 things (no more, no less) we "must have" and "can't stand" in a mate.
My original 27 Must-Haves were narrowed down to 10 Must-Haves. (not in any special order)
My original 21 Can't-Stands were narrowed down to 10 Can't-Stands. (not in any special order)
In both cases (especially for "can't stand") the language is too strong, but all 48 (or 20) are things I think are important, and they do show my preferences.

And regarding the local situation, Madison Area Christian Singles.