This website is
– as expected from the name –
my main goal is trying to help improve our

Education for Problem Solving

a problem is an opportunity to make something better,
problem solving happens when we do make it better,
and education is learning from all of our experiences.

How?  Through a collaborative process of
cooperatively working with other educators,
using creative ideas developed by them and by
me – Craig Rusbult, an enthusiastic educator
with a PhD in Curriculum & Instruction –
during life on a road less traveled.

Now in February, I'm especially excited about
music education – by using a keyboard that shows
with logical colorizing (red, blue, green)

so we can help older people (in living facilities) and
younger people (in K-12 schools) enjoy music in new
ways when they improve their musical improvising.
 { and their conversational improvising }

And I'm always excited about problem solving, as
with my seminar for Engineering Education in OSU.

contact-email:  craigru178-att-yahoo-daut-caum

             I've written a wide variety of web-pages,
             as you see in this wallet card overview that
             describes my many education-related projects:

                 I want to work with other educators, developing
             strategies & activities to help people improve their
             problem-solving skills.  Some ideas for doing this –
             by learning from experience, building bridges from
             school into life, using inquiry & metacognition, ... –
             plus musical improvisation, science for art & sport,
             juggling, how I didn't learn to ski (+ other stories,
             including My Life on a Road Less Traveled), and
             Satchel Paige Age, using prayer for better living,
             and more,* are in [the page you're now reading].

             * including pages about new homes for items and
             my dog and – finally back in old Madison! – myself.
             update:  since May 2022, my new home is Columbus.

       The top of page has links for edu-website, bio, improvs.
        Below are links to many pages I've written.  I suggest that
        you first read the list to see the topics, then (if you want)
        go back and click links for any pages that look interesting.

        Building Educational Bridges between School and Life
        (to improve student motivations & confidence, plus transfers)
        is part of my website about Education for Problem Solving
        (where problem solving is making things better) that has
        logical Action Diagrams (simple & symmetric) for strategies to
        improve creative-and-critical Design Thinking  {@DTprocess}
        plus Accurate Understanding & Respectful Attitudes and more.
        Also, stories (welding, not-skiing, joy,...) and my influences &
        learning from experience & kindness + empathy & edu-topics
        and why so many people respected my sister, and loved her.

        Using Prayer for Problem Solving (for living more effectively)
             as described in Bible Verses about What-and-How in Life ;
        how Louis said yes to God & forgiving, to become Unbroken.

        ThinkingSkills:  ProblemSolving  Creativity  CriticalThinking
        (including the “Monday + Tuesday” of an influential teacher),
        Musical Improvisation & Theory and Power Tools for Physics
        and how I didn't learn to ski (but then did, by using an insight)
        and learned to juggle (in 12 yr, 45 min) & swim (in 5 seconds),
        returning to tennis in 2021 (with two-handed strokes on L & R,
        surprised by how my basic “natural actions” were not working);
        a youtube channel for my juggling/dancing & joyfully cute dog
        and music playlists (instrumental featuring Gershwin, + vocal);
        my PhD Dissertation (with huge ToC) about Scientific Method,
        Proton Warring & Wooing by Active Bases (acids are passive),
        Einstein's Theory of Constancy (understanding it in 5 Minutes),
        & helping students improve thinking skills in their science labs,
        teaching ESL & Ballroom Dancing (with transfers) & Juggling
        plus a Juggling Video-and-Photos  –  Science for Arts & Sports
        {e.g. making bamboo flutes & using tempo-music to run faster
        & The Physics-and-Physiology of Musical Harmony (for ears)
        & Splitting Out the White when Mixing Colored Light (for eyes),
        and Common Sense (+ Schrodinger's Cat) in Quantum Physics
        and Reality 101 and Fine Tuning of Nature in a Multiverse?
        a younger Satchel Paige Age (he asked “how old do you feel?”)
            – in most ways my Paige Age is younger than my actual 74 ;
            I'm trying to live healthy to slow down my rate of slowdown ;
            and my sports (tennis, football,... plus Anteater Olympiad ;
        how NIL-and-Portal is ruining college football, and how to fix it?
        singles ministries (Online-plus-InPerson, to help people meet);
        why I moved to Columbus in May 2022, two years after I was
        finding good homes for my cute doggy (she is fun-and-loving,
        is a good role model for joy-and-gratitude, like most dogs;  life
        would be better if more people were more fun-and-loving) and
        for house-items (so I could give away more, throw away less)
        and for me with a great new home in my old city – Madison,

madison - isthmus between big lakes
Above and below are aerial photos of my UW Cities, where
I attended UW-FarWest (in Seattle) and UW-MidWest (in Madison),
enjoyed both of these wonderful cities.  I moved to the first in September 1970
and got spring fever, with everything green and beautiful, smelling earthy after each
rain, appreciating the blendings of gray and sunshine, blue sky and white clouds.
Seattle was my first real city, by contrast with the vast megalopolis of SoCal,
where my old home city (Anaheim) blended into its neighbors on all sides.
Seattle was a fun adventure, and so was Madison.  And now Columbus!
madison - isthmus between big lakes
madison - isthmus between big lakes
madison - isthmus between big lakes
madison - isthmus between big lakes madison - isthmus between big lakes
 my new city, 
madison - isthmus between big lakes madison - isthmus between big lakes
madison - isthmus between big lakes madison - isthmus between big lakes