The main goal of

is – as expected from its name –
trying to help improve our
Education for Problem Solving
where a problem is any opportunity to make things better,
and problem solving happens when you do make it better.

How?  Through a process of working with other educators,
using ideas developed by them and by me (Craig Rusbult)
during my life on a road less traveled.

        I've written a wide variety of web-pages you can explore
        if you're curious, as described in a wallet-card summary:
                I want to work with other educators, developing
             strategies & activities to help people improve their
             problem-solving skills. Some ideas for doing this –
             by learning from experience, building bridges from
             school into life, using inquiry & metacognition, ... –
             plus musical improvisation, science for art & sport,
             juggling, how I didn't learn to ski (+ other stories,
             including My Life on a Road Less Traveled), and
             Satchel Paige Age, using prayer for better living,
             and more, are in [the page you're now reading].

        Here are links to some pages you may enjoy reading:

        Building Educational Bridges between School and Life
          (to improve student confidence, motivations, transfers)
        is part of my Education for Problem Solving website,  with
        verbal-visual diagrams (simple & symmetric) of our thinking
        plus Accurate Understanding & Respectful Attitudes & more.
        Also, stories (welding, Cliffs Notes, joy,...) & my influences &
        learning from experience & kindness + empathy & edu-topics
        and why so many people respected & loved my sister, Caryl .

        Using Prayer for Problem Solving (for “doing it better” in life)
             as described in Bible Verses about What-and-How in Life.
        how Louis became Unbroken by turning to God, and forgiving.
        What will happen in Hell?  (eternal misery, death, or healing?)

        Musical Improvisation & Theory and Power Tools for Physics 
        and how I didn't learn to ski (and then did, by using an insight)
        and Whole-Person Education to integrate Science & Faith and
        teaching labs & ESL & Ballroom Dancing (transfer) & Juggling
        plus a Juggling Video-and-Photos     (Arts & Sports)     my CV
        a younger Satchel Paige Age (slowing the rate of slowdown)
            and my sports (tennis, football,... and Anteater Olympiad) ,
        making bamboo flutes  +  Sciences of Art & Sport , and more,
        including photos of our new dog Zoe (means “life” in Greek).